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Event Beverage Prices


Bottled Domestic   Beer



Soda by Can


(Budweiser or Products)



Beer Kegs


Bottled Imported   Beer



   Domestic Kegs

$300.00_   per ½ barrel

Canned Domestic   Beer



   Imported Kegs

$375.00_   per ½ barrel

(Budweiser or Miller   Products)



Wine by Bottle


Canned Imported   Beer



House Wines


16 oz. Draft   Domestic



Champagne - house


16 oz. Draft   Domestic






Mixed Drinks House Brands by the bottle         $125.00

(Gin, Vodka, Rum, Scotch, Bourbon, Tequila and Brandy)

Per Drink (1 oz) at cash bar                                                             $4.00



Call Brands by the bottle      $175.00

(Dewar’s, Seagram’s 7, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Canadian Club, Smirnoff Vodka,

Christian Brothers, Bacardi Silver, Beefeaters, Jose Cuervo Gold, Captain Morgan)

Per Drink (1 oz) at cash bar                                                             $5.00



Premium Brands by bottle   $200.00

We only stock popular premium brands based on current trends.

These prices include cups, mixers, napkins, stir sticks, and ice.

Per Drink (1 oz) at cash bar                                                 $6.00



Park Bartenders are required for all events with children

 under the age of 21 years old present or allowed inside.

Bartenders cost 50.00 per bartender for each four hours, or part thereof, that they are required to work. You must have one bartender for each 150, or part thereof, of guests expected.

Self service or your own bartenders will only be allowed if event has common entry with security checking I.D.’s and no one under 21 allowed inside.